Free Writing

(photo by Brian Ziff)

Story time… It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog of words.  I still find the concept of writing my thoughts on a blog to be really strange. 

I’m doing it anyway!  In 10 days I’m finally moving to Los Angeles.  This has been a dream of mine for a couple years now, but the timing was never right.  Thankfully I’ve made a ton of great friends out there, and finally have good reason to take the plunge!  

I’m not exactly trying to go to Los Angeles and “be discovered”  I don’t believe in that, and don’t believe that I need a label to make me successful.  However, the goal of moving to LA is to be closer in proximity to hundreds of dark music and art creatives.  There is nothing better than collaborating with people who are like minded, and appreciate dark/goth art and music.  I truly believe in my genre, brand, and niche and want to create music, videos, photos, clothing, and more with people who have this same passion.  

I’ve luckily stumbled into a wonderful community of creatives in Los Angeles.  It feels surreal that I’m working with people that I’ve looked up to for years.  I’m doing things that I used to watch other people do and think “how do I get to that level?!”.  Of course I have a long long long way to go, and I haven’t even come close to accomplishing all of my goals.  I take comfort in progress though, and feel proud of myself for even getting to this point. 

I’m so excited to move and I’m open to almost any collaboration!  I love meeting new people, and getting new perspective on creating art.  I’m a sponge, so get at me…

Denver has been wonderful to me, and I truly appreciate all of my friends, fans, and supporters out here.  It looks like I’ll be back in Denver in September for a big show.  

If you’re interested then stay tuned.  In the coming months expect around 7 new songs from me (finally!!!)